If I ask you how are you feeling right now? …… Where would you look to be able to answer?


When we practice Mindfulness of Emotions or Centring, we are connecting with the feeling line in our centre …… our sensitivity, vulnerability, emotions, needs and instinct. By paying attention to the feeling line we are attending and connecting. With this Centring practice we are only bringing our attention to feeling sensations or tones (physical or energetic), not labels or insights. We are not trying to fix or change anything.


This Mindfulness of Emotions practice is often referred to as being the direct practice of Compassion, Self-soothing or Ownership of Emotions. When doing this practice of Mindfulness of Emotions, remember to be patient, compassionate and gently persevere with it. If new to this practice, don’t be concerned if you are unable to feel much, just gently persevere with it …… or simply feel the breath moving along the centre line of the body.

I would encourage you to practise this guided meditation at least four times a week, especially at first. 

Mindfulness meditation - emotions