'Tis The Season Of Joy, Love, Sharing And Giving

By  Christine Convery
Category: December 2016

'Tis the Season of Joy, Love, Sharing and Giving

As we celebrate this festive season of great joy, we'd like to share with you a few reflective thoughts as we look back over 2016.

The practice of Meditation as Medicine for the Mind, has played a significant part of the retreats we've run this year. Many of our retreatants have found our signature program of Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation to be a true wonder and treasure for them. As they have finished the program and gone back into their daily lives, this is what some of them have said:-

"I'm feeling empowered and in control. I have incorportated a daily meditation into my very hectic schedule this week and am so grateful that I invested the time to attend your retreat. I've begun my meditation at a basic level - focusing on preparation, relaxation and breathing with the goal of working to stillness. I perform this new daily habit prior to a 20 minute workout session in the gym and now can't imagine a more perfect way to start the day!!" ~ Peter Beveridge

"The weekend retreat prgram was perfect in its entirety. I felt cared for, valued and fully appreciated. I was able to fully emmerse in the entire process and learn exactly what I needed for my mindfulness journey." ~ Kerrie Beer

"Your genuine faith, passion and spiritual depth shared throughout the weekend was so very much appreciated. My gratitude to you Chris. Blessings and appreciation for affirming and supporting me on my journey with our God. My thoughts from this weekend retreat are that it was faithfilled, prayerful, inspiring, nurturing and full of wisdom. There was such as very good focus on mindfulness as it covered many aspects of the practice. There was such a sound combination of theory and the experiential that gave a suitable balance. Chris, your delivery of this program was calm, confident and friendly with clear expression, and your knowledge was very thorough and wise. Thank you and I'll be enrolling in your next retreat on Guided Imagery". ~ Vicki Hancock (meditation and yoga teacher in Newcastle).

Our next fully residential retreat will be over the weekend of 17 - 19 February 2017.
Title: Guided Imagery for Healing, Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

Venue: Mercy Spirituality Centre, Toronto
           26 Renwick Street, Toronto NSW 2283
Fee:  $250
Bookings: Direct to Mercy Spirituality Centre, Toronto
                Ph: 02 4959 1025
                PO Box 1115, Toronto NSW 2283
This meditation-based program focuses on learning and applying Guided Imagery. 
Included in this program is an introduction to understanding the mind:
* The way in which the mind works and
* How we can use the mind more creatively and effectively in a way that is personally satisfying and helpful to others.
There are three Main Applications of Guided Imagery:
1. Personal Development (goal setting, affirmations, and visualisation)
2. Inner Peace (the quiet mind, invocation, loving kindness, gratitude and spiritual development)
3. Mind Body Medicine (the healing centre and accelerated healing).
On this retreat we will explore, examine and practice Guided Imagery in each of these three main applications.
Detailed notes will be provided for you and there will be ample time for Guided Imagery practice, as well as plenty of free time for reflection and relaxation on the edge of Lake Macquarie. 
The retreat centre at Toronto is right on the edge of the Lake and has very peaceful and beautiful spots in the gardens, grounds and within the retreat building itself, for relaxation and reflection.

We welcome you to enter into times of retreat for renewal of mind, body and spirit amidst the quiet beauty of this place.

We would like to thank you so much for your support in 2016. From all of us at Health 'n' Harmony for Life, we are wishing you and your loved ones a very special festive season and a wonderful New Year. Live Well. Be Well.