Kate Hooper
Thank you very much Christine. I have enjoyed the openness and comfortable feeling you give during the weekend. Looking forward to the next retreat.


Jacqui Mitton
I particularly enjoyed Christine's calm voice during the meditations. This made relaxation come more easily. Thank you for the hospitality and effort you made for the retreat preparations.


Kath Holz
I thoroughly enjoyed this retreat. I would recommend this to anyone and look forward to the next one.


Lorraine Treloar
It was a wonderful experience. My life has improved amazingly since I returned home. I have reclaimed some inner calm and feel meditation has definitely helped in the process and hard road of life's journey.


Leonie Forfar
The retreat was directly relevant to my present situation and was presented with such gentle yet very knowledgeable style. The pace and timing of the retreat was excellent.


Julie Nguyen
I really appreciate the time provided to me and the patience of my meditation teacher (Christine Convery), and the pace we took throughout the retreat. The two night retreat was a thoroughly informative and eye opening experience that I value deeply. Thank you so much Chris.


Gai Lander
This retreat has given me a wonderful preparation and grounding for a new way of understanding and future lifestyle. I believe I was meant to complete this retreat for whatever reason. I know it will be very successful for me.


Oriel Draffin
Your gentle voice and manner made me feel very relaxed and welcome. The handouts were very good and informative. The list of resources is very handy to have. Thank you for a very enjoyable retreat - good value.