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Meditation: we teach a variety of meditation techniques; however, we specialise in teaching Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM). You will learn and experience meditation progressing from simple to more complex techniques for lifelong wellbeing. Meditation calms the mind and helps bring the body back into a state of balance allowing healing to occur. Click here to find out about Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Imagery and Insight Meditation: these meditation-based practices are taught and facilitated to groups on retreat or attending a workshop. Guided Imagery for healing, personal development and spiritual growth is a very popular program as is our Insight Meditation program. InsightMeditation/Contemplation is a mental process that begins by using concentration to deliberately think something through methodically, that deepens our understanding, and then goes on to provide access to insights that come out of the stillness that lies beyond the activity of the thinking mind.

Holistic Health Coaching: as you begin your healing journey for body, mind and spirit, we recommend you start with at least one Holistic Health Coaching session. It is a cliché, yet we are what we eat. Our bodies convert the food we eat into energy and new cells. However, many people in our modern world are not gaining enough real nourishment from the foods they consume.

Life Coaching: In examining the connection between emotions and our physical and mental wellness, we often discover that negative emotions like fear and anger affect the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which impacts on our motivation and decision making. We can then release any negative emotions, thoughts or ideas causing further problems in our lives. Read more about Life Coaching.

At Health 'n' Harmony for Life, we empower people to find their authentic selves and to heal that self through an integrative mind-body medicine approach. We believe that healing is possible and achievable by a holistic approach to treatment and lifestyle choices. Our approach to healing body, mind and spirit is integrative and ground breaking.

Integrative Medicine refers to the blending of conventional and natural/complementary medicines and/or therapies. We use a holistic approach for lifestyle intervention, that is, we take into account your physical,  psychological, social and spiritual well being. Our aim is to use the most appropriate, safest and evidence-based modality(ies) available.

 (AIMA joint working party/RACGP: 'Best Practice' document)

Our health is influenced by what we eat, by what we think and how we exercise, relax and relate to ourselves and others. It is also influenced by how toxic our bodies are in the first place. This belief is based on ancient wisdom  combined with the real life  experience of many poeple who have been through our programs. Increasingly our philosophy is being validated through scientific research. We offer profound healing, nourishing and sustainable well-being.

Our approach is complementary to both mainstream and integrative medicine. We do not advise people to stop their existing treatments, though we do encourage people to be in the driver's seat, to ask questions and to make informed choices about their health and well being. We do not prescribe one particular regime for all, rather, we present a range of healthy lifestyle strategies and therapies, and then we support people as they implement their lifestyle choices.

We also offer Holistic Healing sessions with our Director and Master Meditation teacher, Christine Convery.

Health 'n' Harmony for Life is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisation.

Through unique experiences, perspectives and practices, we bring healing, nourishment, well being and wisdom to others. We enable people to enjoy peace, deep joy, gratitude, loving kindness and equanimity.
Every individual is a unique and gifted human being with great potential to develop and grow into their best possible self.

 We believe that through the experience and practice of meditation, imagery and contemplation, people discover their true purpose in life, develop a strong spiritual anchor, as well as a healthy inner life that nourishes their body and soul.

At Health 'n' Harmony for Life, we deliver programs and practices that enable and heal people to:

move beyond their past and present experiences to an expansive and positive view on life

have a better quality and more successful life journey experience into the future

improve their relationship with themselves and others.

Our total modality is unique and ground breaking in that we deliver programs and practices that combine traditional meditation methods with modern approaches to healing, well-being and achieving gratifying life goals. We show people a sustainable and positive way to move forward into their future.

Health 'n' Harmony for Life is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisation.

Meditation: Other forms of Meditation are also taught and experienced depending on individual needs and/or your past experience practicing regular meditation. Through the practice of Meditation, the mind undergoes transformational change.Through study, our reasoning and conviction increases. Therefore, meditation and study together bring about subtle change on a daily basis. Eventually, big changes will be noticed and affected, and one's convictions will also become stronger.

Holistic Health Coaching: In examining your diet, environment, attitudes and lifestyle, a good report on your current state of health can be gained. If we simply look at diet to start with, then what we quite often discover is that the 21st Century individual is eating more but gaining much less nourishment than our ancestors. Foods are now over processed and often the raw ingredients used are not sourced from a pure, single-species plant or animal that has been organically grown and not a GMO. It may be that you will require a healthy, safe detox program as well as advice on improving your diet. Christine Convery is an intuitive healer and will integrate a personalised program for you which will usually involve some meditation practice as well.

Life Coaching: Releasing negative emotions, thoughts and ideas, and replacing them with healthier ones boosts immunity, increases focus and improves our capacity to make positive decisions. Healthy emotions like joy, gratitude, laughter and forgiveness make us feel good, stimulate the body's natural healing processes and strengthen the immune system. We teach meditation techniques that can help with the observation of emotions and improve the way we react to emotional experiences. Individual life coaching sessions are available with Christine to help you with the transformaional process.
Fee Schedule: FEE SCHEDULE 2016 HEALTH 'n' HARMONY FOR LIFE.PDF-   In 2019, our fees are unchanged from those in 2016,
as we are a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation. 

Christine Convery (Gian Inder Kaur) is the Director at Health 'n' Harmony for Life. Christine is a fully qualified meditation teacher and facilitator with over thirty years experience. Christine is also an intuitive healer as well as a fully qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. So, she is very well placed as a holistic health coach and life coach. Christine's approach to healing body, mind and spirit is integrative and ground breaking. Christine holds meditation workshops, courses and retreats, as well as being available to you as a speaker at your corporate or club event. 
Christine's life experience as an agressive breast cancer survivor, since 2002, and her own healing journey continue to be an inspiration to others. Christine has recently written and published her first book, which is all about meditation, healing and much more. Her book is called, The River of Life - Find Your Flow After a Life Crisis and is available for purchase from this website's secure, online store, under the category, Books. 
Christine's formal qualifications:-

  *  Certificate in 'Guided Imagery and Contemplation - Meditation Teacher Training Module 2' from The Gawler Foundation, fully residential teachers' program, 40 hours face to face training; 10 - 14 October 2016.
'Stages of Meditation' taught by the Dalai Lama, June 2008, in Sydney.                                                                                 
  *  Certificate in the Art of Meditation as a Facilitator, from Mother Earth's Ash Tree, McLaren Vale, South Australia - 12 week program; 2010.
  *  Certificate in 'Mindfulness Meditation Teachers Training Module 1', from The Gawler Foundation, fully residential at Yarra Junction,Victoria - 50 hours training; 2011.
  *  Certificate as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, from Evolve Now and Mind Power Global, in Sydney; 2012.
  *  Certificate in Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Imagery Practice Teachers Training, from The Gawler Foundation, fully residential at Yarra Junction - 50 hours training; 2015.
  *  Attendance at various Integrative Health and Wellbeing workshops, seminars and forums, both as an attendee and/or as a presenter. Since 1984 Christine has worked closely with Dr. Peter Dingle PhD (in WA), Drs. Ruth and Ian Gawler, Mr. Phillip Day (health researcher and advocate based in the UK), Mr. Paul Bedson (therapist at the  Gawler Foundation), Dr. John Ellerman (based in Sydney), Ms. Hayley Wallace (naturopath) and with Ms. Esha Dwight (Neways/Modere Health & Wellness Manager). 
  *  Graduate Diploma in Secondary Mathematics Teaching, Sydney Teachers College, 1974.
  *  Graduate Certificate of Education (Religious), ACU, Canberra, 1993.

Jo Dormer provides Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage on our retreats. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a whole body massage using the forearms predominately in rhythmical long flowing, yet fully focused movements. Hands and elbows are utilized to knead the body where needed to release held tension. The practice is done like a dance around the table, continually flowing over and over the body; creating space between the mind and the body by gently yet firmly encouraging a deep state of relaxation.

As much as this can be deeply relaxing, it can also be quite energizing for both the recipient and the giver. This work comes from the heart with Aloha .... conscious love embracing all that is. Utilising Pule (prayer) and setting an intention for the work can guide and assist in release and healing.

Jo has been practicing Lomi Lomi for 13 years, initially running her home based business at Scotts Head on the Mid North Coast of NSW, and 2 years ago settled into Newcastle.

30 minutes ~ Back and Neck Massage $40
60 minutes ~ Full Body Massage $80
All payments for massages while on retreat need to be paid in cash to Jo, at the time of your massage, as there is no internet connection available for payment at Earth Inspired Retreats.Thank you.
It is best to book your massage time before the retreat, to ensure you don't miss out, as there are limited times available. Contact Health 'n' Harmony for Life to make your booking at least one week before the start of the retreat, to ensure you obtain a time slot!
Email: info@healthnharmony4life.com.au
Ph: 02 4930 4021 or 0414 627 226

Jo Dormer - Width:150      

Jo Dormer - our massage therapist, extraordinaire!