Fri, 10 Sep | The Francis Retreat

The Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Retreat

Be empowered to take charge of your mental, physical and emotional life, by attending this weekend retreat. Step forward and receive support to be in the natural and easy flow of Chi energy, in all areas of your life. Discover how to be in the harmonious flow of Chi energy - life force and energy.
The Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Retreat

Time & Location

10 Sep, 5:00 pm AEST – 12 Sep, 4:00 pm AEST
The Francis Retreat, 2 Thomson Pl, Bonny Hills NSW 2445, Australia

About the Event

On this retreat you will discover how to be in the natural and easy flow of Chi energy, in all areas of your life - health, relationships, career and business. Being in flow can raise your energetic frequency, create a better outcome for the planet, and you can be a magnet for all the good you need for your ideal future!

The truth is it's all about 'Chi' - life force and energy, and how these things are in flow and balanced.

Chi provides energy or power, similar to a fresh breath of air, which is considered as life in all living things. Chi is the main reason of existence of human life, and a proponent that dictates the quality of health of the human body.

Your Chi lifelong energy field is the essence of your consciousness and the barometer for your life flow - Are you in the natural, easy flow of life?

When your energy field is derailed, disrupted or simply deleted, the blockage of flow manifests itself as an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual symptom. If left unchecked the energetic imbalance can eventually lead to financial distress, career and relationship breakdowns, mental ill health or chronic illness. All our energy issues manifest in our body and mind in some way.

When the frequencies of our energy field are fundctioning in the optimal level of flow and balance, we experience exquisite alignment in life and vibrant health on all levels.

When all '5 Essences of Being' are in flow and balance, the feeling of a powerful, invisible force surrounds you, holds you and guides you through life. History has many examples where flow and balance of energy fields has been acknowledged and practiced - meridians, chakras and chi or prana.

Ask yourself:

1. Am I struggling with unanswered questions and unresolved wellness issues?

2. Is something holding me back from living my life to the fullest?

3. Do I have unsettled emotions and feelings of unease? Do I feel 'emptiness' despite living a so called 'good life'?

4. Am I feeling out of balance, or 'not quite right'?

5. Do I feel abandoned, lonely or hopeless?

6. Am I struggling with anxiety and stress?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, flow is the key to progress.

For flow to occur you must identify your "Essences of Being' and where you're out of balance or misaligned. The Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Retreat that is happening this Spring, is a sacred, three day, small group retreat focused on helping you achieve flow and balance, so you can .....

Find your unique stillness point

Accept what is present in the moment

Stand in your true presence and calm

Discover your openness and readiness to living in the flow of life.  

Now we'll work together

For you to feel empowered to take control of your life in all aspects, we'll embark on a journey to awaken your own 'inner healer'. During this retreat, we will investigate and identify why and what you're struggling with, find out what's holding you back, finding the root cause, not just identifying the symptoms. We will also identify your hopes and desires for your future. We will dispel the myths and underlying beliefs of your individual challenges so you can achieve body, mind and spiritual balance.

The journey to harmonious flow of Chi energy is unique for each person, and involves:

1. Pre Retreat - identifying the types of imbalances you're experiencing

                      - a telephone call or Zoom meeting online, asking specific questions and 

                        a 'flow-state' survey provide a starting point.

2. Day 1 - Mindfulness and Well-being

              - What is well-being and what is Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM)

              - What do these look like and what does it feel like?

              - Experience deep and profound relaxation, the landscape where healing happens

              - Experience what type of breathing practice works best for YOU.

3. Day 2 - Felt Sense

              - What is healthy felt sense and how do I achieve it with myself and others?

              - Be guided into the four access points mindfulness practice.

4. Day 2 - Flow and centering

              - What is flow for me, and how do I plan for being in the best 'flow-state'?

              - Be guided into mindfulness centering practice.

5. Day 2 - Spirit

              - What are my spiritual needs and how do I fill my tank?

              - Be guided into mindfulness grounding and sacred earthing practices, through walking meditation 

                accompanied by the sacred drum.


6. Day 3 - Words, thoughts and deeds 

              - How do I align my words, thoughts and deeds for my life's Chi energy balance?

              - Be guided into discovering your unique stillness point within your physical and energetic body

              - Be guided into the full MBSM practice.

7. Post Retreat - Follow up coaching

                        - 'Flow-state' survey re-taking

                        - Personalised meditation practices for optimal well-being.

In order to qualify for this sacred retreat, please register your interest by sending me your name, email and address, mobile number, and key area of focus for this three day retreat. I will personally review your expression of interest and if accepted you will be notified by myself and given a call to set up an initial session. Once you choose your appointment time, you will receive all the information that you will need for your initial session.

As a master meditation teacher, author, coach, and speaker, I advise that I am fully qualified with many years of experience in this field, with high personal responsibility and I expect the same from those I mentor. If you are a "window shopper", a "negative Nelly", or a complainer, then this is not the program for you.

You can choose your retreat fee and accommodation option, once you've been accepted into this retreat event:

1. Pay up front in full, $1,500 (no accommodation), (Best Deal, save $500) - Meals included

2. Pay in instalments, $500 deposit up front, followed by 3 x $500 monthly instalments (no accommodation) - Meals included

Shared Accommodation Option - Twin share accommodation in a 2 bedroom, fully self-contained cabin - $250 extra

Single Accommodation Option - single, full occupancy accommodation in a 2 bedroom, fully self-contained cabin - $450 extra

Shared Accommodation Option - Twin share accommodation in a 3 bedroom, fully self-contained cottage - $225 extra. 

About your facilitator: Christine Convery is an author, facilitator and pioneer in the field of meditative and energy healing; and spiritual leadership - sharing her wisdom, light and intuitive gifts with women and men for over 20 years. Read more on her website:   

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