Christine offers regular classes, special events and workshops as well as retreats where you can come and experience the benefits of her teaching in person.

Why learn to meditate?

The stress that most people are living with these days is known as low level chronic stress. This means that people are suffering from a constant state of low level chronic stress, and often they don't even know they are living with this condition. They have become accustomed to living and working daily in this low level chronic stress state. This then leads to headaches, feeling anxious, catastrophizing, not being able to relax properly, and not sleeping soundly so that they wake up the next morning feeling tired. This in turn lowers people's immune system and they catch colds and flus easily, as well as suffering from a variety of metabolic illnesses.

In learning and practicing the art of meditation daily, people are able to relax deeply so that the body can renew it's cells effectively; and allows for the easing of stress, insomnia, anxiety and brings the mind/body/spirit connection back into balance. Meditation also improves concentration, brings about a more positive mood, and can continue on into spiritual rejuvenation, altering states of awareness and opening up the heart and mind more fully.